Ruff Rescue Transport is an all- volunteer, 501(c)(3) organization that helps bridge the gap for animals needing a ride to a rescue, foster or approved adopter.
Our mission is to help end the needless euthanasia of dogs and cats by transporting them to locations where they are more adoptable. Reputable 501(c)(3) rescues, along with good old supply and demand, work to help find these animals good homes. Ruff Transport is here to do our part in helping these animals. Together we can save more lives.

"May all dogs get a Freedom Ride"

The world can be a very cruel place for an unwanted animal. Transport helps dogs get to a place where life can be good again.  We hope their Freedom Ride ultimately gives them freedom from their past-freedom from fear, hunger, sickness and abandonment.  Each dog counts and each dog matters. Those in rescue know that we are not able to save them all-but dog by dog we will save the ones we can.

ProMaster Van Coming Soon!


Spay & Neuter


"I cannot save them all, but I can save the one that stands before me"

-Mother Teresa

It was us...we let the dogs out.

I said "Somebody should do something about that". Then I realized I am that somebody."
-Lily Tomlin