It was us.........we let the dogs out.  

Ruff Transport Rides in 2014:

Ruff Transport Rides in 2013:

  • 11,834 rescue miles driven
  • 69 runs
  • 128 Dogs on transport
  • 26 cats on transport

  • 8,558 rescue miles driven
  • 40 runs
  • 99 dogs on transport
  • 5 cats on transport

Ruff Transport Rides in 2015:

Special thanks to Darlene Rak- the Director of Training at the Dayton Dog Training Club. Darlene and others at the club volunteer their time to teach training for local shelter dogs at risk.
I have learned a great deal about safe transport and reading dogs behavior from her. While training shelter dogs under her supervision, I have learned many valuable skills that have helped me in all aspects of rescue, especially the transport of scared, homeless dogs on their way to a better life through transport.
 Thank you!!!!

What can we do together in 2015...!

Current News​

Ruff Rescue Transport currently runs a GMC Acadia that now has well over 150,000 miles. 

We have ordered a bigger vehicle to accommodate more animals per trip. Ruff Transport will always adhere to animal transport best practices recommended by the National Federation of Humane Societies. We use all precautions available to us to minimize risks and to make the ride as comfortable and stress free as possible. 

                                                  2015 ProMaster Van:

                                     Expected date of arrival:  Feb. 2015

                                     Expected Up fit Date:         March. 2015

                                     Estimated capacity*    =    12-20 dogs 

                                      *individually crated

                                                  *depends on the passengers sizes