Ruff Transport 
                 is a member of the
                Dayton Foundation

  • The Dayton Foundation accepts donations on behalf of Ruff Transport, including the donation of stock certificates!

  • Donations may be made either by check payable to The Dayton Foundation (40 N. Main Street, Suite 500, Dayton, Ohio, 45423) with a notation that it is for the "Ruff Rescue Fund" or online by clicking Dayton Foundation A new window will open to The Dayton Foundation’s website to process this gift​. If using this direct link, you only need to put in a donation amount. The Ruff Rescue Fund will automatically be gifted the donation.

  • The Dayton Foundation will also send an acknowledgement of your donation.

Thank you for  supporting

Ruff Transport!!

Donations can be made to our Paypal account or with a credit card. We acknowledge all contributions and are very grateful to you for your contribution. Together we can save more lives. 

100% of your donation directly funds taking animals out of bad situations and transporting them to safety.

Ruff Transport is an all volunteer organization
Use of your Donation
  • Whenever possible, funds are donated to the shelters and rescues that initiate transport of animals to help with  the expenses involved in getting a dog or cat ready to travel. 

  • Donated funds are used for gas and insurance so the van can continue to transport dogs and cats to safety.

  • Donated funds are also applied towards supplies that are needed on transport such as crates, disinfecting products, towels, blankets, food, collars and leashes.

Ruff Transport keeps all expenses to a minimum so that our dollars can be stretched further-ultimately saving more lives in the process.

Transport Best Practices

Ruff Transport follows animal transport best practices recommended by the National Federation of Humane Societies.  We use all precautions available to us to minimize risk and to make the ride as comfortable and stress free as possible.  We strive to follow these practices so that we do not  introduce a new animal into a rescue that may be unknowingly sick.  Every animal that uses Ruff Transport must be spayed or neutered before travel, or before adoption if going to a rescue.